Tokenin for green

We are passionate about distributed technologies and aware of the impact on our society. We have the technical components to manage end-to-end asset tokenization processes. We are focusing efforts to enable resources in environmental impact initiatives that require liquidity in order to grow and generate a real impact. We believe that blockchain can make a difference by allowing reforestation to be tokenized in a transparent way for investors, contributors with a structured process within a smart contract that models the entire process. It is a replicable model and easy to expand to new instruments.
Country of residence of the project leader
What sustainable development goal does your project contribute to?
Goal 8: Decent Work and economic growth. Promote sustained; inclusive and sustainable economic growth full and productive employment and decent work for all,Goal 13: Climate action. Take urgent action to combat climate change and its effects,Goal 15: Life on land. Promote the sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems and combat desertification and halt and reverse land degradation and halt the loss of biological diversity
Where does your project function?
Argentina,Colombia,Costa Rica,Jamaica
Indicate which of the following challenges your project aims to solve
CHALLENGE # 1: Increase Green financing Can DeFi leverage financial resources to increase forest
What is the problem you want to solve?
El Monte Chaquenio area: 51 889 ha. Although there are different areas protected by the creation of national parks, clearing causes loss and fragmentation of habitat that increases the vulnerability of the fauna to illegal hunters and road accidents, two other adversities that local biodiversity must address. By developing our Tokenin platform, the first blockchain solution to promote large-scale afforestation worldwide, we want to face climate change by solve the main problem: liquidity
What is the solution thought with you solve the identified problem?
By developing our Tokenin platform, the first blockchain solution to promote large-scale afforestation worldwide, we want to face climate change by solving the main problem that forestry investment has: its low liquidity. Our onboarding solution for investors (individual and institutional), our Token Factory, KYC components, plus the APIs to integrate the platform with Exchange, Banks, and the Crypto world allows us to solve the entire process end to end.
Tell us in a summarized way what is the impact that your project seeks to generate, mention some quantitative and qualitative indicators with which intend to measure
My application will generate the resources needed for forestation (100K ha in the Chaco area) in 6 months, in other way it will not be possible to reach the investors.

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Gracias por la postulación. Ya estamos a pocas horas del cierre y comenzará el proceso de evaluación. Entendemos que la aplicación de ustedes reúne toda la información que requerirá el equipo evaluador, gracias por tu interés y dedicación en su armado.
2 years ago